What is MijoShop?

MijoShop is a webshop system for Joomla! A much used Joomla plugin that extends your website with an advanced webshop. Because webshops are still getting more populair there is a demand for extending the payment gateways that are not build in to the shop. Because we use MijoShop ourselves and got questions about extending the payment gateways we created this Mollie module. We tested the module and used it on some shops to extend the payment options succesfully before selling it on our website.


MijoShop Mollie paymentmodule

By using our new payment module for MijoShop you can extend your webshop with alott of payment methodes used by the Mollie api. Because Mollie keeps extending the payment methodes thru the api you don't need to buy or configure more payment modules. Our MijoShop module uses the new Mollie api that offers Paypal, iDeal, Mister Cash, creditcard, banktransfers, Sofort and now even Bitcoin. By using this module you extend your website by all these payment options, simply by activating these options in Mollie.


License: GNU/GPL.
Usage: Module can be used on as many domains as you would like.
Works on:  Mijoshop version 2.x and 3.x

Notice: We don't do refunds if you cannot get your Mollie account activated. Make sure you subscribe to Mollie first and provide information to activate your account. Only then this module will work.


Get the module here!